Helping victims of investment scams such as pension fraud and liberation scams get their money back


Pension scams often appear as attractive offers, persuading you to either transfer out of specific pension scheme benefits or release funds from your pension pot entirely.

What happens
to your money?

In these scams your pension money is often transferred from a traditional pension scheme into high-risk investments. Many of these are overseas and not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means your money is not protected.

If you think you have been victim to pension fraud and have lost £25,000 or more we could help you. Complete our eligibility review below to find out.

What tactics do
pension scammers use?

  • You might be contacted out of the blue, maybe from a high-pressure call centre or ‘boiler room’
  • You may find the caller to sound professional and provide you with details of a prestigious London based address
  • You may be promised high / guaranteed returns
  • You could be offered a free pension review
  • You may be promised early access to your pension (before age 55)


Extensive investigations by liquidators from Grant Thornton have seen assets traced from a series of scam pension schemes

About us: Introducing Samantha Street, Head of the Investment Scam Team

Our asset recovery experts are listed in Who’s Who Legal 2018. We are a standout firm in asset recovery, with the UK team recognised as thought leaders in their market.

“As part of the UK firm’s Vision 2020 and sustainability strategy, our purpose is to help shape a vibrant economy, based on trust and integrity in the markets. Fraud undermines that. I want to engage with victims of investment scams directly to help recover their losses either before or during an insolvency process as well as share insight around scam awareness and prevention.”

  • Samantha Street
  • Samantha Street

"I am so pleased to have contacted Samantha Street after having read an article on their website concerning a financial problem I got myself involved with and thought I would never see my monies again. I am so pleased to mention that Grant Thornton were successful in the return of my monies in full when a petition was mentioned to start winding up proceedings against the company.

Extremely professional service 10/10."

Client, 24 October 2017


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Sold wine at an inflated price or wine that does not exist?

This case saw a dividend payment to victims as well as the company director being banned from boardrooms until 2030, bankrupted and investigated by the police. These actions saw the sale of his multimillion pound home, loss of his high performance cars, his investments in racehorses and his travel on private jets.

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Promised high return on investments that never materialise?

In this case, interest payments stopped early on and when the investor asked for his money the director repeatedly said that there were ‘cashflow’ problems. He then refused to return any part of the investment. 

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